Protect the animals

Animal welfare shows how an animal is managing with the conditions in which the animal lives. It is in a good condition of protection, it is healthy, well nourished, comfortable, safe and when it is not suffering from horrible situations like fear, pain and distress. Good animal protection and welfare needs disease prevention and veterinary care, perfect home, nutrition, management, humane slaughter and humane handling. Animal protection or welfare means to the condition of the animal, the care that an animal gets is included by others phrases like animal husbandry and animal care. Protecting an animal’s welfare refers offering for its mental and physical requirements. Make sure animal welfare is a human duty that covers consideration for all factors of animal well living like right housing, nutrition, management, responsible care, disease prevention and treatment and when needed humane euthanasia. There are plenty of perspectives on this topic that are influenced by an individuals experiences and values. There are even several ways of measuring animal welfare like productivity, health, physiological responses and behavior. The veterinary medical association in America has explained its dedication to animal welfare by the adoption of the principles that serve like instructions when the association improves policies and consider making sure the welfare of the animals.


The dedication use of animals for human purposes like food, companionship, work, recreation, exhibition, license, education and research held for the benefit of both animals and humans is stable with the veterinarian’s promise. Judgement about animal care, welfare and use shall be done by balancing scientific knowledge and specialized decisions by keeping in mind about the societal and ethical values. Animals should be offered right food, water, health care, proper handling and an atmosphere relevant to their use and care, by considering their species general behavior and biology. Animals must be cared for in methods that reduce pain, fear, stress and suffering. Methods associated to animal housing administration, use and care must be assessed on regular basis and when said, refined and replaced. Management and conversation of animal population must be humane, scientifically prudent and socially responsible. Animals shall be cared with dignity and respect on their lives and when required, offered a humane death. The veterinary professional shall try continuously to develop the animal health and welfare by education, scientific research, advocacy, collaboration and the growth of regulations and legislation.

What is animal welfare?

Animal welfare means the well being of animals. The measure of good animal welfare differs between various contexts. The ranks are under consistent review and are discussed, made and also revised by animal welfare communities, academics as well as legislators all over the world. The science of animal welfare avails different measures like disease, longevity, behavior, reproduction and physiology even though there is a heavy discussion on which of these signs offers the best details. Concern for this is always according to the belief that non human animals are sentient and that must be offered to the suffering or well being, particularly when they are on the human care.