Is WWF is protecting animals?

The world wildlife fund offers special meaning for conservation. The company, established in the year 1961 by a team of wealthy professional hunters, clearly assumes that protecting animals refers keeping them around long for perfectly heeled sportsman to shoot them out of oceans, woods, skies and jungles of Asia the olden days, the WWF availed fur auctions to increase their fund amount. In view of the fact that the WWF has studied that large number of people are shocked by hunting and trapping, therefore now, the company mask its real stance on words such as sustainable growth, debating that killing is approved under certain situations. When replying complicated questions regarding its policy on trapping, hunting and whaling, WWF is cautious not to mention outright that it accepts of these activities. The intention of WWF are very clear and deadly.


Based on the WWF’s Canadian office, world wildlife is not an animal protection company. We support the consumption and hunting of wild animals offered the harvesting does not menace the long term living of wildlife populations. It has not object a sustainable seal hunt, it is the biggest killing of marine mammals .The WWF contain the power to assist turn away the biggest quota of harp seal but select, as a substitute to allow it take place without much like a word of objection.


The WWF mentions that it objects commercial whaling, it does bear the killing of whale by tribes on certain conditions. When asked, the answer is unclear, saying, the view on whether maintaining whaling must be allowed derive from the goal to protect nature and ecological action and to assist make a future in which people live in good relationship with nature.

Sport hunting:

As one will like of a company established by hunters, the WWF does not object the killing of animals with some weapons and guns for sport. Instead of working to stop the slaughter, the WWG thinks that hunting must be regulated, saying that wealthy professional hunters can bring amount to poorer nations. It also a claim that is possess no power to prevent hunting, saying, the decision to permit professional hunting is a sovereign one done completely by the government.


The World wildlife fund hope that culling, elephant is approved, because is the business in ivory, due to the reason the gains or profits that ivory brings spur government to maintain elephants from going destroyed. The business in ivory has motivated rampant poaching, the killing of elephants. World wildlife fund attempts to duck the problems by wrongly saying, the decision to kill or to choose animals from the herd for death or removal is certainly a worrying choice, but it is done completely by the governments distress.


As with whaling and hunting, the WWF denies condemning the huge killing of animals by using steel jaw leg hold traps. The WWF stand behind from the problem, saying that the business in skins, fur and other items of animals that are not jeopardize is not the aim of the program. But it tries to accept the animal killing; its actual message is clear and loud.