Animal welfare laws

Animal protection laws are referred to protect each kind of animal, like from house pets to forest wild animals. The laws always cover strict fines for harming animals intentionally. Few laws are federal and some other laws are fixed by municipalities, states and countries. But no local laws or state laws may go against or contradict against the federal laws.

What is animal welfare?

Animal welfare means the relationship between the people and animal and the duty people have to guarantee that the animal under the care are cared responsibly and humanely. In spite of its present popularity, interest in animal protection is not a latest topic. Concern for animal care has been seen since domestication that happened minimum ten thousand years ago. People’s appreciation and respect for those allowed to their domestication, animal husbandry and animal agriculture. Most of the historians look the growth of agriculture to be the most essential program in the human record. The ethic that grows in the Neolithic period is the one that made people to think about their animal’s welfare to attain their own purposes. It put in place a reciprocal beneficial program between people and animals. If we protect the animals, the animals will protect us. Surprisingly, this basic ethic is still lives today, particularly in venue where hands on animal care persist. On these days we name this relationship the human animal union or attachment. Businesses that deal with animals practice animal welfare policies and programs to guarantee the accessibility of complete food and water, right handling, veterinary care and in latest year’s lot of people have included atmospheric improvements for the animals they maintain. They gauge animals for welfare and health signs like appetite, energy level, hair coat and other indications. When best practices are made, the animals look comfortable and healthy.


Federal law 7USC2131-2159 places standards for pet animals. This law highlight standards for all factors of animal care. It covers standards for shipping like creating it illegal to ship them through the United States.


The laws of animal protection usually protect animals from public harassment. Article six of the animal protection laws in Taiwan mention that no one can tease an animal, by not considering who owns or feeds the animal. This shows that the owner of animal cannot tease the animal or can anyone else.

Animal abuse:

Most of the countries contain certain type of code or law against animal abuse. Animal protection law in Latvia lists thirteen kinds of animal abuse like tormenting, mutilating, and torturing an animal. It also further mentioned that those who are penalized for violating this law is restricted from owning animals.

State laws:

Plenty of states possess animal protection laws. Most of the states make up on federal laws.


Animal protection laws are not only for pets, but also for wild birds like eagle. Under 16 U.S.C 668 more normally called as the bald and golden eagle welfare act, it is a crime according to federal to capture the eagle without permission.