Animal welfare laws

Animal protection laws are referred to protect each kind of animal, like from house pets to forest wild animals. The laws always cover strict fines for harming animals intentionally. Few laws are federal and some other laws are fixed by municipalities, states and countries. But no local laws or state laws may go against or […]

Is WWF is protecting animals?

The world wildlife fund offers special meaning for conservation. The company, established in the year 1961 by a team of wealthy professional hunters, clearly assumes that protecting animals refers keeping them around long for perfectly heeled sportsman to shoot them out of oceans, woods, skies and jungles of Asia the olden days, the WWF availed […]

Protect the animals

Animal welfare shows how an animal is managing with the conditions in which the animal lives. It is in a good condition of protection, it is healthy, well nourished, comfortable, safe and when it is not suffering from horrible situations like fear, pain and distress. Good animal protection and welfare needs disease prevention and veterinary […]